Live Cameras

Live cameras stationed around the world, from zoos to Mt. Everest! See the Mars Rover movements or check out earth from the moon. Although webcams can be incredibly wonderful and brilliant resource, we caution parents to guide their children to appropriate educational sites as below. Please note that websites as below often are often full of advertising and popups.

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Animal Cams:




































Game Preserves

other favorites:

African Dwarf Clawed Frogs This webcam offers you a view at a company aquarium, which is inhabited by four African dwarf clawed frogs. 15 second updates.
CamVista: Shark Cam An underwater view of the sharks at the London Aquarium. 5 second updates.
Cayman Turtle Farm Web Cam Great view of the Cayman Turtle Farm in the British West Indies. See the hatching tanks, man-made beach and more!
Dayton Falcon Cam Watch a family of Peregrine Falcons who have made their home atop the AT&T Building in downtown Dayton, Ohio.
EarthCam: Oregon Humane Society Watch the cats play, sleep and eat at the Oregon Humane Society in Portland, Oregon. Bring one home with you!
EarthCam: Rhino and Elephant Cam Two EarthCam cameras located at the Indianapolis Zoo allow you to watch the daily activities inside the Elephant Yard and the White Rhino exhibit.
Elephant Seal Cam This Solar-powered RadioCam gives you a rare view of the Elephant Seal rookery in Central California brought to you by California State Untiversity Monterey Bay.
Gatorland Webcam Watch alligators sunning themselves at Gatorland park in Orland, Florida. 3 minute updates.
Harp-Seal-Cam Awesome live streaming seal cam brought to you by the Ocean Science Center located in St. John, Canada.
KPIX Pet Cam A streaming view of the furry friends at the SPCA, a nonprofit animal welfare organization.
Monterey Bay Aquarium Cam Streaming view of the Penguins at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. Windows Media Player required.
Monterey Bay Aquarium Penguin Cam Watch blackfooted penguins as they hop up on rocks, dive and swim in the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Splash Zone exhibit. Requires Windows Media Player.
MontréalCAM - Biodôme Watch the penguins waddle around at Polar World at the Montréal Biodôme. Updates every 20 seconds.
National Zoo / FONZ Great site with ten cameras from Chicago National Zoo showing Pandas, Elephants, Tigers and other animals. Streaming WindowsMedia ensures best view of the animals.
Osprey Cam Live Osprey Cam featuring active nest from Blackwater Refuge in Maryland. Updates every 30 seconds.
QuetzalCam High in the jungle cloud forests of the Monteverde region of the Tilarán Mountains in Costa Rica, a unique view inside a Quetzal nest. The LiveCam broadcasts pictures from the stork nest directly to your screen. The pictures refresh regularly. Located in Vetschau, Germany.
The MPCA Frog Cam View of live malformed frogs cared for by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Refreshed once each minute. Privately owned animal sanctuary and habitat. 37 cams featuring Tigers, Lemurs and Lions. Located in Florida. Updates every second. Polar Bear Cam Live view of the Polar Bears at Toledo Zoo, Ohio. 120 second updates. Seal Cam Live view of two harbor seals and 3 gray seals swim and dive in Toledo Zoo's new Artic Encounter exhibit.
Zoo Atlanta Panda Cam Live streaming video of Lun Lun and Yang Yang, the giant pandas at Zoo Atlanta.

 Touring the U.S.:

Skyline cams:
Akron | Cincinnati | Cleveland | Denver | Greenville | Hawaii | Hawaii Indianapolis | Louisville | Los Angeles | Miami | Milwaukee | Oklahoma City | Omaha | Omaha | Pittsburgh | St. Paul | West Palm Beach

Scenic cams:
Daytona Beach | Donner Ski Cam | Kure Beach | Lake Minnetonka | Monterey | New Mexico | Marina Del Ray | Port Canaveral | Rancho Cordova | Sierra at Tahoe | Tahoe | Winter Park

Various cams:
Alaska Cam
Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco Cam
New York 5th Avenue Live
Statue of Liberty


Touring the World:

Austria Vienna Live Cam
Earth From Moon
Geo-Images Virtual Reality Panoramas - navigate through these amazing interactive scenic pictures of California, Canada, Mexico, the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, and French Polynesia.
Honolulu Hawaii
Japan and China Images - QuickTime VR movies of buildings and nature scenes from Japan and China.
Krakow - view of the Main Place and Mariacki Church in Krakow, Poland.
Nigara Famous Falls Cam
Space Cam From Nasa
Spain Barcelona

Space Exploration

Comet Watching Catch a comet! Great images and information about comets. Very enlightening.
Earth View Out of this world! A cool live satellite image of the world from your specific coordinates.
Earth View - View from 35785 km above Get a fantastic live satellite image of the world.
Earth View from the Sun On top of the world, literally. A great top view of the Earth showing where there is sunlight.
Earth View of Earth's Shadows See what parts of the world have daylight. Click on the image for a closer view.
EarthWatch EarthWatch's satellite imagery and weather information. Great educational site.
Galileo - Countdown to Europa 13 Watch out for meteors! Images of Jupiter and vicinity from Nasa's Galileo.
JPL Mars Pathfinder Home Page The Jet Propulsion Laboratories Mars Pathfinder Home Page.
Mars Pathfinder landing site Images of mars surface where Mars Pathfinder could land.
Moon View - from Earth An out of this world view of the moon. Zoom and pan in and out.
Moon View - from the Sun So close you can almost see the man on the moon.
Moon View - Night Side A once in a blue moon view of the moon. Zoom and pan in and out.
NASA - KSC Video Feeds NASA - Kennedy Space Center Live Video Feeds of shuttle launches at Cape Canaveral, Florida.
NASA TV NASA Television provides live coverage of all space shuttle missions. Updates every 45 seconds to 90 seconds.
NASA: Launching Pad NASA - Kennedy Space Center Live View of the Launching Pad. Located in Cape Canaveral, Florida.
NASA: Overhead Weather Map NASA - Kennedy Space Center Overhead Weather Map of Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Near Live Comet Watching System Track the Hale-Bopp comet and other space events from NASA. Almost live.
North Pole Web Cam The two NOAA Webcams are deployed at the North Pole, in the Arctic Ocean, on an ice floe that is drifting. The webcams operate all Summer on solar power, and do not operate during the total darkness in Winter.
Solar Eclipse 1999 Live Broadcast See the Solar Eclipse from Bagdere, Turkey.
The Official Mars Pathfinder site The official Mars Pathfinder site full of great live images and links.
United Space Alliance 24 hour live video steams of NASA's prime contractor for space shuttle operations.


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