La Entrada School
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La Entrada home page is now:

If you have bookmarked this site, please modify that to reflect our transition to SchoolLoop!

School Loop is an online application for students and parents to view their grades online and communicate with teachers. It allows staff to upload a student's grades onto the Internet for immediate viewing. Current assignments and files may also be posted on School Loop. We look forward to this transition!


Registering for your free School Loop account is easy and only takes 1 minute!  You will need your student ID number to complete the registration form.  A student's ID number can be found on your student's schedule he/she received on in the mail.

Go to the top left of this page and click the "Register Now" button, and then click the link for Parent Registration.  Complete the form, and then click the "Register" button.  That's it!  This is a safe and secure process, and all information you provide is kept private, including your email address.

We will have all La Entrada 6-8 grade teachers on board with using School Loop mail and posting information and news about  their classroom by PIN.  They will be updating homework assignments/grades using in Schoolloop by September 21st .   If you have questions about grades before then, please communicate via Loop Mail.  The 4th - 5th grade teachers will be coming on board by October 1.

Once PARENTS register for School Loop, we will confirm, approve and "activate" your accounts within 2 working days.  By the end of the year,  School Loop will allow you to access details about your child's classes, assignments, send daily updates, and view upcoming calendar events and school functions.  As we add features, we will keep you informed.

As this communication tool and website features are NEW for La Entrada,  please be patient while we learn to make it as useful as possible to our  LE Community! 

Las Lomitas Elementary School District Office:
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Lisa Cesario, Superintendent