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History Links

Please note that by using our links that you are about to leave the Las Lomitas web site and the district server. To return to our site once you leave, you should navigate with the back button of your browser. site offers online tutorial and quizzes for the basic features of a map, which include distance, scale, direction, latitude-longitude, and types of maps. - The life of Benjamin Franklin is highlighted by the vast collections of the Library of Congress that focuses on his achievements as a writer, printer, inventor, scientist, politician, and statesman. - Digital History offers an interactive, multimedia history of the United States from the Revolution to the present.                                                                         - Alamo Community College District lists attributes of a critical thinker, defines seven critical reading strategies, and describes applying critical thinking to American History. - Numerous well-organized groups of links to history and education-related sites. Topics include: genealogy, geography, economics, general history, non-western history, European/Russian history, resources for writers, research/critical thinking and much more. offers resources connected to their television series that include: a summary of each episode, interviews, timeline, glossary, weblinks and photos. Resources are organized by topics: Ancient World, United States, World History, Biographies, and War & Espionage


Grade Level Links



Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Guide to Finding Sites

Do you want to. . . Then check these web sites. . .
Find information on geography and world cultures FUN way to learn the states:

Country Reports

Middle School Social Studies—World Cultures

National Geographic Maps and Geography

Teachers First

Find a few sites that are too good to miss American Folklore

Best of History Web Sites

Improving Writing Skills in an American History Classroom

Library of Congress / American Memories

K-12 Teacher Resources for Food History Lessons

Teaching Tolerance to Middle School Students

Find social studies lessons and Web resources AOL@School—Middle School

DMOZ Open Directory Project
(Follow this path: Kids and Teens / School Time / Social Studies.)

(Choose Instructional Resources.)


MiddleWeb Social Studies

Terrific Web Sites for Middle School Kids

Do you want to. . . Then check these web sites. . .
Find social studies lessons and Web resources Awesome Library—Social Studies

Gateway to Educational Materials

Georgia Learning Connections
(Select QCC Standards and Resources / subject / grade level.)

The Learning Page—American Memory (Library of Congress)

(Choose lesson plans and resources by grade level and subject.)

SCORE—History/Social Studies

Social Studies WebQuests

Find resources on civics and government Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Civics Online

Congress Link

Justice for Kids and Youth

Find resources about economics EcEdWeb Economic Education Web

The Mint Makes Sense

Find good ideas for current events News Hour Extra—for Teachers

The Newseum—The Interactive Museum of News

Teaching Current Events via Newspapers, Magazines, and TV

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General Links

All About America   An incredible site with incredible information for all grades.

History-Social Studies, Schools of California Online Resources for Education (SCORE)

HyperHistory    Timelines of over 3,000 years of world  history, with 400 lifelines. Students see how events all over the world overlap.

Library of Congress / American Documents.

National Council for the Social Studies

Oldies and Goodies   School sites about History with virtual museums

Social Studies School Service   Online Activities, resources, videos, & lesson plans

80 Days that Changed the World - Time Magazine information on 80 historical dates

By Grade  - LLESD Curriculum Related Sites
Grade Level & Framework
Related Sites



1 Citizenship: Learning to Work Together
2 National and State Symbols
3 Working Now and Long Ago
4 Basics of Location and Place
5 Calendars
6a Holiday Celebrations
6b Famous Legends and Events of America's Past

Grade 1


1 Citizenship
2 Location and Place
3 American Symbols and Traditions
4 Everyday Life: Today and Yesterday
5 Cultural Diversity of Americans
6 Basic Economics

Grade 2


1 Long Ago and Yesterday: Our Parents, Grandparents, and Ancestors
2 Location and Place: Geography
3 How Government Works and Solves Problems
4 Supplying Our Needs
5 People Who Made a Difference

Grade 3


1a Northern California: Geography
1b Central California: Geography
1c Southern California: Geography
2a Northern California: Native Americans 2b Central California: Native Americans
2c Southern California: Native Americans
3a Northern California: History
3b Central California: History
3c Southern California: History
4a United States: Basic Structure of the U.S. Government
4b United States: Rules, Laws, and Citizenship
4c United States: Landmarks and Documents
4d United States: Famous Americans 5a Northern California: Economy
5b Central California: Economy
5c Southern California: Economy

Grade 4


Overall history site:

1 Physical Geography
2a California's Native Americans
2b Exploration and Colonization 2c Missions, Presidios, Ranchos, and Pueblos 2d Mexican Rule
3a Bear Flag Republics and the Mexican-American War
3b Gold Rush, Statehood, and the Westward Movement
4a Railroads and Communication After 1850
4b Agriculture and Water Systems After 1850
4c Migration and Immigration After 1850
4d Great Depression and World War II
4e Modern California Economy
4f California's Education and Culture
5 Local, State, and National Government
California Gold Rush California's Gold Rush Country  presents in spectacular color the historic sites and of the discovery of gold in California.

California's Untold Stories: Gold Rush!    The Oakland Museum of California

Discovery of Gold, The    by Gen. John A. Sutter

Online Gold Rush Exhibits    Museum of the City of San Francisco

Women in the Gold Rush 

Travel to the twenty-one California Missions through this online project. Choose "Explore My Mission" and make a selection of which Mission you would like to visit, complete with history, pictures, and trivia.

Explorers The Columbus Navigation Homepage   contains historical information on the famous explorer.

1492 Exhibit (Columbus and the New World)

Christopher Columbus     Myths and Facts

Columbus Navigation Home Page

Rare Map Collections

Missions Missions of California   

Virtual Tour of Missions

Grade 5


1 Pre-Columbian Civilization
2 Age of Exploration
3 Native Americans and New Settlers
4 Settling the Colonies
5 Causes of the American Revolution
6 War for Independence
7 Articles of Confederation and Constitution
8a 1789-1850: Migration and Westward Expansion
8b 1789-1850: Immigration
8c 1789-1850: U.S. Physical and Political Geography
8d Statehood: West and Southwest
9 States and Capitals

Rare Map Collections

From Native Americans to The Constitution US History. An overall site of great resources

Native Americans   Incredible references lists to all Native American history

Cherokee /  Native American History  

Mayflower Web Page

Sturbridge Village

Maps from Colonial America

Colonial Williamsburg   a complete site and information listing resources and background on the life of Benjamin Franklin (thank you for referring this one to us Caitlin)

Journal of a voyage from England to Philadelphia, 1726

Maps from Revolutionary America

Original Proposal Draft of The Bill of Rights of the U. S.

Revolutionary War Webpage

Scanned Originals of Early American Documents

World of Benjamin Franklin -

Students choose between groups of fur traders, Native Americans, cattle drivers, immigrant workers, miners, or farmers on this webquest in to the wild west. A teacher's guide and students worksheets are included.

Grade 6


1 Early Humans
2a Mesopotamia
2b Egypt and Kush
3 Ancient Hebrews
4 Ancient Greeks
5 India
6 China
7 Rome
Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations    A incredible site built by 6th graders at Urbana School with projects and links

Ancient Civilizations, Daily Lives   Greece, Rome, China, India, Egypt, & Early Man

Ancient Greece  Maps, history of ancient Greece

Cleopatra: As the Nile Turns    Read one of the greatest stories of love and death ever told.

Cleopatra's Palace, The Search for   See one of the great cities of the ancient world slowly come back to life.

Greek Civilization Topics   War, environment, science, sports, daily life, politics, philosophy, religion, and arts

Grade 7


1a The Fall of Rome
1b Byzantium
2 Islamic Civilization
3 China
4 Ghana, Mali, and Songhay
5a Japan
6 Medieval Europe
7a The Mayas
7b The Aztecs and the Incas
8 Renaissance Europe
9 The Protestant Reformation
10 The Scientific Revolution
11a The Age of Exploration
11b The Enlightenment and Age of Reason
  Black Death, The       Leave the present day and travel back 600 years to witness this crucial moment

Grade 8


podcasts and video links to Mr. Kelly's curriculum  
1a Colonial Heritage and American Democracy
1b Declaration of Independence and Natural Law
1c Significance of the American Revolution 2a Documents of Freedom
2b Principles of the U.S. Constitution
3a Northwest Ordinance
3b Formation of Political Parties
3c Free Press and Citizen Participation
4 Early American Leaders, Events, and Culture
5 War of 1812, Monroe Doctrine, and Indian Treaties
6 American Northeast: 1800-1850
7 American South: 1800-1850
8 American West: 1800-1850
9 Abolition
10 Civil War
11 Reconstruction
12a Industrial America: Agriculture, Business, Government, and Labor
12b Native American Policy
12c Immigration and Social Issues
12d Grangerism and Populism
12e Inventors and Inventions

US History. An overall site of great resources

African America History

The Internet African American History Challenge   has bios of several major figures in African American history and a number of online quizzes you can take to test your knowledge.

Underground Railroad/"Escape to Freedom"  Adapted from the History Channel documentary "The Underground Railroad: this online learning adventure unearths the history of the Underground Railroad.

Civil Rights National Civil Rights Museum
Civil War American Civil War     Resources page.

Civil War Battle at Gettysburg

Civil War Battlefields

Civil War Camp Life

Civil War Center

**Civil War Gazette WEBQUEST

Civil War Homepage

Civil War Letters

Civil War Personal Papers and Reminiscences

Civil War Music & Poetry

Immigration Ellis Island, NY 1900-1920 Photographic Exhibit

Find your relatives!!  Ellis Island Passenger Arrival site.

Constitution Project Legal     Promoting learning about the U.S. Constitution and legal system
WWII Dr. Seuss Went to War   This site includes political cartoons from the noted childrens' writer Theodore Seuss Geisel(1904-1991) Students can follow the course of World War II through these series of cartoons that first appeared in the New York newspaper PM. Subject matter includes politics, battles, and life in the U.S. during the war.
What did you do in the War Grandma?
US History Overview American History Archive Project

Day in the Life of a Farmer: 1863 and 2000









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